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First post! - Albuquerque Bibliophiles

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October 7th, 2003

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01:52 pm - First post!
The format for entries here is explained it the community info.

Right now we are reading Disgrace by now Nobel Prize winner J.M. Coetzee.

He is the only author to win Britain's prestigious Booker award twice; in 1999, for Disgrace, and in 1983 for The Life and Times of Michael K.

The most common critical assessment I can find of his work is that he masters the perspective of the "outsider," but I am not quite sure what that says about his work yet.

In fact, I am starting to believe that reading The Life and Times of Michael K would have been a better way to start with his work, but we'll see.

A couple of good reviews can be found at Salon:
and The Guardian:

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