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October 8th, 2003

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01:10 pm - Finished "Disgrace"
I finished Disgrace, which I really did not enjoy. I think I am going to read The Life and Times of Michael K to see if I can understand why this man won the Nobel. I don't know... I didn't hate it. It was unpleasant, and not in that way that left me feeling better for having struggled with it. It just left me exhausted. I didn't like the perspective, but I think it is a real one. For portraying that effectively, I suppose the work has worth.

I think what made this so unpleasant is that Coetzee made no attempt to make the reader empathize with his protagonist. I am reminded of H.H. in Lolita. He was a character that I really wanted to despise, but couldn't. Nabakov's portrayal was so effective that it certainly bridged on manipulation - but was it real? I think that professor Lurie was much closer to being a real human being. His unrepentance, but more so his unwillingness to change (even the flaws he recognized in himself), leave a bitter taste in my mouth. The reforms he did undergo were small and severely resisted. That certainly sounds familiar. Yes, he was a very real character. I think I feel this book growing on me. *shivers*

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Date:November 10th, 2004 01:24 pm (UTC)
I read both Disgrace and The Life and Times of Michael K and I must say I liked Michael K a lot better. What I didn't like about Disgrace was that Lucy didn't do anything to defend herself. She didn't want to move and she just let everything happen. I payed more attention to her than to David. We discussed the novel in a course on 20th ct literature, and we also had some discussion on the roles of women in different novels, so maybe that's why.

I thought The Life and Times of Michael K was very different. Michael K is this very innocent person, that doesn't really seem to understand what happens in the world around him. At some points the novel is a bit slow, but I really think it's worth reading.

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